Karmod Cabin is a product of KARTAL PLAST, with cabin production with registered – patented, having ISO 9001 – 2000 and TSEK quality certificates, for 19 years, which has exported to 44 countries. Be sure, when buying cabin, considering important, and diligent to bear ISO 9001 – 2000 and TSEK quality certificates as Karmod Cabin in order not to be misled against counterfeiting that are tried to resemble to Karmod Cabin but never having outstanding features of it. KARMOD CABIN is a product of KARTAL PLAST Group of Companies.

  1. All panels forming walls and roofs that establish Karmod polyester cabin system are manufactured as sandwich panels with double wall made of glass fiber strengthened polyester (GFSP) material and between these double walls polyurethane foam of 40 density at 3.5cm thick is injected and thus forming sandwich panels. All are sound and thermal insulated.
  2. After uniting panels forming Karmod modular cabin systems, it is insulated with antibacterial silicone, and insulation against water, snow, dust and voice as well an hygienic appearance is ensured.
  3. Since exterior surface of Karmod cabin made of glass fiber strengthened polyester (GFSP) material is coated with the bright white color paint that is mixture of gel-coat and pigment may be easily cleaned. It is not affected from ultraviolet sunrays. Exterior and Interior surface panels possess resistance against climatic conditions and have anticorrosive characteristics. It does not rust and rot, is easy to clean, and panels have the feature to resist shocks and weight of 400 kg.
  4. Interior and exterior surfaces forming Karmod cabins are manufactured of gel coat material with neon in broken white color resistant to ultraviolet rays of sun in 50 0C and cold of – 25 0C. However application in various (different) colors is also possible upon request.
  5. Aluminum window frames of Karmod economical cabin is painted with white electrostatic paint. Tempered auto glass of 4mm thick is used in aluminum profile. The glass features not to harm human body when broken.
  6. Windows used in cabins are fixed and opening windows. Cabin window dimensions are standard. It has 3 windows. 2 of them are fixed and 1 is opening window. Dimensions of fixed and opening windows are the same. They are 47cm wide and 80cm high.
  7. 2.5-size electrical cabling is used in Karmod cabin. In corners of the cabin 16 A Siemens brand automatic fuse and VIKO brand grounded outlet, switch and phone plug are used. Cabin has fluorescent lighting armature at the roof.
  8. Aluminum profiles painted with electrostatic powder paint in white color are used for the door of Karmod cabin. The door of Karmod cabin is fixed with 3 hinges. KALE brand locks are used on doors. For bottom panels of the doors double panel with polyurethane are used. 4mm thick normal glass is fitted in its window. Door dimensions of our cabins are standard. Standard door dimensions are 71cm wide and 186cm high.
  9. The floor of Karmod cabin is manufactured of metal profile chassis material of 1.5mm thick. Profile chassis is painted with anti-rust paint. Floorings of cabins are made of Cement Chip Plate of 16mm thick and complete flooring is painted with industrial rapid paint in turquoise blue color.
  10. Karmod cabin has TSEK and ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and trademark registered. Cabins have Industrial Register Certificate, and trademark approved by Patent Institute and registered trademark.
  11. Cabins are guaranteed for minimum 1 year against manufacturing and workmanship errors.
  12. Karmod cabins have aluminum and glued labels with Karmod brand. If Karmod labels are removed Karmod cabin guarantee also terminates.
  13. The buyer must make sure to notify directions of doors and windows of cabins when ordering according to the place to use. 
  14. Erection: Works to be done by the buyer: 10 cm thick concrete slab is done in the same measure as the cabin and 10 x 10 cm wooden plug is placed in the concrete on the corners where the cabin will be put. After drying of concrete, the cabin fixed on the concrete from four corners with four rawbolts to locate on wedges or concrete and utility connections from outside are done by the buyer.
  15. Delivery of Karmod cabins in ISTANBUL city is at our firm’s cost, out of Istanbul is at the buyer’s cost. Cabin delivery is on truck and delivered until the place where truck can access. If crane is required when placing cabin or in troublesome locations to out across walls or in far places the cost for crane rental and transfers at buyer’s cost.

In case of special request, Desk with Drawer, Rolling Shutter, Sun Curtain, Rain Curtain, Shop-Window, Bread Shelves, Venetian Blind, and Exhaust Fan, Sales Desk, Lavatory Basin, all accessories necessary for mobile WC and shower may be installed as supplementary accessories in Karmod Cabin upon demand.


Karmod Cabin Using Areas:

Office Living Cabin, Military guard hut, security cabin, guard hut, ticket, token sales cabin, bread sales buffet, canteen and buffet to sell newspaper, books, magazines, cassettes, tea, foods & beverages, souvenirs and gifts, flower etc. sales buffets, earthquake sheltering cabins and houses, security control cabins before gas stations, dwelling sites, construction sites and factories, sheltering cabins for schools, car parking areas, highways, bridges, airports, customs, bus terminals, exhibition areas, security huts for police, municipal police, military and sports facilities, taxi station, waiting and office living cabins, Karmod modular cabins may be used in such areas for control, sheltering, information and service units. Karmod cabins are suitable to use in more different units.





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